A holistic and user centered digital workplace
Unapei Hauts-de-Seine 92 is a family association named after the national movement Unapei of which it is a member and representative in the Hauts-de-Seine department.

Its main action is the support and moral backing of mentally handicapped people and their families, as well as the defence of their general interests in order to favour their full development and social integration.

The territorial sections of the association gather the members of the association. They were created to increase family action and strengthen the proximity with the actors of each establishment and service managed by Unapei Hauts-de-Seine 92.


A more human digital workplace

As a growing and multidisciplinary association, Unapei faced multiple challenges mainly related to communication, collaboration, social engagement and especially knowledge sharing.

The multitude of tools used on a daily basis became a hurdle for fruitful collaboration and productivity. Both in-office and on-site employees had to spend a significant amount of time to find what they are looking for -be it information, applications or people.

Additionally, the diverse and distributed nature of the association meant that teams needed a unifying solution capable of eliminating silos, streamlining internal communications and maintaining high levels of social interactions.

To effectively mount these challenges, Unapei decided to deploy a holistic digital workplace centered around human interactions. The project team has put forward the following objectives:

  • Increase agility and productivity

  • Decompartmentalise projects and businesses

  • Facilitate information sharing

  • Foster collaboration between geographically dispersed teams

Why eXo?

In late 2020, the project team at Unapei communicated a request for proposal containing the main vision and objectives of the new digital workplace. Shortly after, our teams of expert consultants worked jointly to prepare a response putting forward the platform’s main capabilities and how they can help Unapei tackle its various challenges.

Following a favorable initial response and further product demonstration sessions and workshops, Unapei decided to partner with eXo to lead the digital workplace project. The main reason behind the decision was the fact that the project’s objectives perfectly mirror eXo’s main four pillars: Communication, collaboration, knowledge and engagement.

The impact

Thanks to its rich set of features, versatility and extensibility, eXo Platform represented the perfect fit for Unapei.

First, in terms of internal communications and social engagement, eXo Platform combines both social and content management features designed to foster interactions (through likes, comments and shares), and facilitate the creation and publishing of engaging and targeted content.

When it comes to collaboration, the platform comes equipped with a host of collaborative features giving both internal (and even external users) the means with which they can easily collaborate on various projects. Collaboration mainly happens within collaborative workspaces. There, Unapei personnel will have access to a host of native apps such as Tasks, Documents and Agendas to help them organize their projects, access and manage knowledge as well as schedule events.

Additionally, collaboration and knowledge sharing is also made easy thanks to the chat and video conferencing functionalities. With the click of a button, employees from different sites can get in touch with their peers and exchange all sorts of content in real-time. These particular features appealed immensility to the project team at Unapei, who as mentioned earlier, targeted a solution capable of facilitating the daily lives of employees without compromising or complicating their daily experiences.

Last but not least, and probably the key factor behind Unapei’s choice of eXo over other solutions in the market is interoperability. Thanks to its open source nature, eXo Platform can easily integrate with a large array of third party applications and legacy systems. This has positioned eXo as the catalyst for all of Unapei’s operations. All applications can be easily and securely accessed through the app center. Users also have the ability to customize their applications and even connect their personal ones (provided it has been approved by the company, of course).
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