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Build a Social Intranet

Turn Your Intranet into an Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Corporate intranets are the primary way most enterprises provide internal information to employees - but they are often seen as a burden to IT and end-users alike. By allowing users to find and connect with other employees, discuss projects in team workspaces, and easily view updates to resources and connections in activity streams, an intranet can become much more relevant and useful. eXo Platform 3.5 enables the next generation of Social Intranets: modular services for document and web content management, enterprise social networks, forums, email, chat, calendar and more, all offered within the trusted security of an enterprise portal.

Easily Integrate with Enterprise Applications

Because eXo Platform is services-based, it can be integrated with existing resources. With support for gadgets and portlets, intranets built with eXo technology are capable of reusing existing services to simplify development.

Build Powerful Gadget-Based Dashboards

Third-party application data of interest to certain employees or groups can be provided in a customized dashboard within the intranet. Developers can create gadgets to display and even mashup multiple data sources to provide the most relevant information to users, helping the intranet improve employee productivity.

Faster, More Efficient Development

Integrating the company LDAP or Microsoft Active directory only has to be performed once, and then user permissions are easy to use to set up many additional application services. Address books and mailing lists, collaboration group spaces, enterprise social network profiles and connections, and many other features are automatically populated with LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory information. Developers only have to configure once, then adding new functionality to the intranet is easy.


eXo gives developers the freedom to use any JavaScript framework, including Google Web Toolkit (GWT), JQuery, YUI, and Dojo. Using eXo Platform's gadget development tools, it's simple to integrate third-party applications built with other languages or frameworks, such as RoR (Ruby), Django (Python), Grails (Groovy), PHP and others.

Video Demo: Leverage Built-In Applications

eXo Platform provides a set of gadgets and applications that can be added to an intranet with a few clicks.

Learn how to use eXo Platform to build an intranet with collaboration and knowledge features in this Video Demo.

Video Demo: Integrate an Existing Company Directory

eXo Platform utilizes the GateIn portal framework, which can be integrated with an existing LDAP to automatically populate intranet user information. Directory users' roles and permissions can be easily mapped for content access, administration features and more.

Learn how to connect GateIn to an existing LDAP directory in this Video Demo.

Video Demo: Zoho Editor: CMIS Gadget

Gadgets can provide an easy-to-use interface for managing content stored in a Java Content Repository (JCR).

Learn how to build a gadget that can browse content in multiple CMIS repositories, then use the Zoho API to edit documents from within the gadget in this Video Demo.

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