Installation Guide for the eXo Platform Plugin for SugarCRM

This tutorial will guide you through the setup for the eXo Platform plugin for SugarCRM. A video introduces what the plugin does.

eXo Platform for SugarCRM in Action

Before installing the plugin, take a look at the video demo below on the eXo Platform plugin for SugarCRM:



Once you have installed the eXo Platform plugin, you will need to install it in your instance of SugarCRM:

  • Log in to your SugarCRM installation as Admin
  • Go to the Administration panel, then to the “Module Loader”
  • Upload the plugin
  • Click on “install” next to “eXo Platform Plugin” and follow the installation steps
  • Go back to the Administration panel, click on “Connector Settings” => “Enable Connectors”
  • Click on the “eXo Social” tab
  • Activate the connector for Cases by dragging and dropping “Cases” into the enabled column
  • Save

Next, you will need to configure the eXo server URL. By default it is set to http://localhost:8080.

  • Go to “Connector Settings” => “Set Connector Properties” and click on the “eXo Social” tab
  • Change the URL to one of your eXo Platform servers (if it’s running on the same server, you can skip this step) – for example, “http://localhost:8080”
  • Save

The eXo Platform plugin uses OpenSocial to publish activities into a space. This means you will need to configure the oAuth key as well as the OpenSocial RPC URL. In your SugarCRM installation, edit the file custom/modules/Connectors/connectors/sources/ext/rest/spaces/config_spaces.php to reflect your settings. Don’t forget to change the os_oauth_key_secret. The oAuth key in eXo Platform needs to be configured as well. In your eXo Platform installation, edit the file gatein/conf/portal/portal/configuration.xml (if it does not exist, create it).

Make sure to change the value of the property sharedSecret to the os_oauth_key_secret you set earlier in the file config_spaces.php.

The installation and setup are now complete. You can now start to use the eXo Platform plugin to add activity streams to groups and functions within your SugarCRM implementation.


Picture 1: “Sugar Cases 2” is a demo case used in the SugarCRM environment. An eXo icon displays a popup with the latest activity in the eXo Platform environment.


Picture 2: The latest activity stream is shown in the SugarCRM popup.


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