3 reasons to migrate your JBoss Portal to eXo Platform

With Red Hat discontinuing sales and support of JBoss Portal, we have just decided to cover customers’ costs of migrating from JBoss Portal to eXo Platform.
Let me tell you why we’re doing this and why eXo is the best choice for Red Hat customers.


1. We have proven experience

We have partnered with Red Hat for over six years now. It started when we cofounded the GateIn Portal open source project. The initial codebase was 100% donated from the eXo Portal codebase.
Over the years, Red Hat engineers collaborated to better integrate GateIn with Red Hat middleware and support the environments demanded by Red Hat customers. While Red Hat was commercially distributing it under the name JBoss Portal, we were continuously integrating all versions of GateIn into eXo Platform as our portal component.
During that time, several companies asked us if we could move their JBoss Portal to eXo Platform while preserving the benefits of their other Red Hat subscriptions (RHEL, EAP). And we did it.
For instance, eXo helped migrate the website of the Paraguayan Subsecretary of State Taxation (SET), an arm of the Ministry of Finance. The portal serves thousands of citizens as they file their tax forms. As part of the larger project, eXo consultants delivered two weeks of expertise to help migrate the core of the system from JBoss Portal to eXo Platform, dramatically accelerating the project. With this success, new plans for e-learning are being formulated by this happy customer.
We’re pleased that they’re happy, but we don’t consider our task extraordinary. Who other than the original creators of the software are best suited to provide the high-level expertise required for this kind of migration project?

2. We’re really fast

Over time, eXo consultants have applied their experience by creating a semi-automated migration tool and establishing clear procedures for migrating portal layouts, pages, configs, and other customizations. Check out Boubaker’s article for a technical explanation of what it can do and how easy it is to use it.
Our customers benefit from our having this material ready to use, because we are immediately operational. Put us in front of a JBoss Portal and we’ll save you weeks, if not months, of complicated data migration and reconfiguration. On a recent customer assignment, we confidently submitted a proposal for two weeks of work, while our competitor estimated 200 days.
Everything can be exported from JBoss portal and reimported naturally into eXo Platform. Most custom applications (portlets) will work with few or no changes, because both products are fully API-compatible.
Don’t waste your valuable time doing a technical migration. Let us deal with the hardcore stuff so that you can concentrate on moving your business forward.

3. We have a leading edge product

JBoss Portal focuses on its strengths: being closely integrated to the infrastructure, providing security, offering performance in a flexible integration framework. These critical capabilities are must-haves that eXo Platform happily inherits.
But at eXo we felt that our customers needed additional, higher level, user-facing features.
So with eXo Platform we provide a function-rich, user-friendly product that adds social collaboration features like documents, activity streams, forums, wikis, calendars, chat, and social networking, as well as advanced content management. All of this supports a broad set of intranet or extranet scenarios, as well as customer-facing portals.
With eXo Platform, you can innovate faster by building compelling user experiences in a fraction of the time you used to.
So if you’re getting nervous thinking about when your JBoss Portal subscription will expire, let us help. Contact us and we’ll take it from here.
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I am the product officer at eXo. I oversee product management and product marketing. My teams design, create and promote the features of and improvements to eXo Platform. As a former enterprise software developer turned product manager, I have a passion for how IT can improve people’s lives. In this blog, I write about some of my personal interests, such as productivity, alternative forms of management and corporate organisations, collaboration, open-source and emerging technologies.
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