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Although interest in social collaboration platforms is common in companies, the needs vary depending on the specifics of the company, like its size, market and industry, but especially why they began to think about a social collaboration solution.

Now that eXo Platform 4.3 is commonly used by customers, let us take a few minutes to go through the different offers available and how they can meet the needs and expectations of companies.

Today, eXo provides companies with three offers:

Professional Solution
Enterprise Solution
White label Solution

As open-source collaboration software, subscribing to any of these offers provides you with access to all of the product functionality and benefits. With that in mind, let’s go briefly into each of them to understand the differences between them.

Professional Solution: the solution for small businesses and teams

In addition to the budget, small businesses and teams may have specific requirements for a collaborative intranet. The professional offer very much meets their expectations.

As a ready-to-use collaborative solution, both on-premise and cloud-based, the Professional offer comes with rich and comprehensive features to boost productivity and agility and to improve communication and collaboration. The easy and quick implementation enables fast deployment with a low impact on existing IT. This solution is easy to handle and use, facilitates the adoption of the tools, increases efficiency and accelerates return on investment.

With up to 100 users and purchasable online, the Professional offer also comes with just the right level of support and maintenance services to ensure good continuity of service, allowing companies to focus on their business without requiring specific and dedicated technical skills.

Enterprise Solution: the full and powerful solution for all companies

As I mentioned at the beginning, each implementation of a social collaboration solution is different and we strongly believe that each customer is unique.

The Enterprise offer is the solution that eXo proposes for companies wishing to take full advantage of the benefits of a social collaboration solution, and here are some of the main reasons:

1. Somewhere between evolution and revolution

Most companies already have an existing IT set-up with existing tools being used internally. With the Enterprise offer and thanks to the inherent flexibility of the product, eXo can accommodate and support clients who will benefit from a complete integration of their existing systems with what eXo has to offer. eXo’s experts can work with clients throughout all phases of the project, from identification of requirements to supporting key business users with the process of implementing and personalizing the solution. This proximity to clients ensures that they get a solution that is adapted to their specific needs in the most efficient way.

2. A critical central web portal combining reliability and high availability

Being one of the most important IT systems and having a direct business impact, the availability of your social collaboration solution must be guaranteed. The Enterprise offer, thus, gives access to higher levels of support and product maintenance. eXo puts dedicated experts at the client’s disposal, whose task is to ensure the good functioning of the solution through optimal SLAs.

3. A solution that evolves with growing business needs

With an open-source enterprise platform, users already have the advantage of ensuring the continuity of their solution and business data from an IT operations perspective. In addition, eXo Platform provides a highly extensible solution with a significant degree of freedom for personalization and integration. eXo can assist its clients as they evolve their implementation beyond the product’s native features. The Enterprise offer does not impose any limits on the number of users who can access the platform. The only limitations are those required by the customer to retain control of changes, since the Platform provides full scalability.

White label: enhance and modernize an existing solution

This offer is different for two main reasons. The first is the target market. It is a special offer for future eXo partners wishing to integrate part or all of the eXo Platform solution into their own solution, product or commercial offer. With the multitude of advanced social and collaborative features offered by eXo Platform, these partners will be able to provide significant additional value for their customers through a product whose efficiency and competitiveness have been tested and proven for over 10 years in many markets worldwide.

The second reason is the variety of projects that can be planned and launched with this offer. The product has a high degree of flexibility, interoperability, scalability and customization potential, and eXo provides dedicated support and services with this offer. Partners can choose to use one specific or all the solution layers to enhance their offers and boost their business.

All these offers are complemented by a rich catalog of dedicated services, and eXo continues to adapt its offerings to meet the different needs and expectations of its customers.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the available offers, I’ll try to keep you up to date about eXo offers. If you need additional information or if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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