Cartoon of the Week: Happy programmers’ day

This week, the world is celebrating Programmer’s Day, which falls on September 13 this year. Happy Programmers’ Day to all the programmers around the world and shout out to those who developed the ton of programming and coding languages invented over the years.
Programmers’ Day
September 13 is International Programmers’ Day for a geeky reason. Programmer’s Day falls on the 256th day of each calendar year. Usually, it’s September 13. Computer scientists and programmers know that 256 is the number of distinct values represented by an eight-bit byte.
Some girl did her homework. 😉
In plain language, a programmer is a creator, a builder and an inventor. Programmers have a machine learning ‘superpower’ that allows them to create things that were impossible years ago. Thus, programmers are necessary for the future of our planet!
With that in mind, we want to thank all the programmers around the world for solving problems we didn’t know we had, starting all over whenever they find a bug and staying up all night to finish projects and never let them hang. There is so much to thank you for!
We want to give special thanks to all our programmers at eXo. We trust you, we believe in you, and we’d be lost without you! Let’s keep making amazing things happen.
We’re interested to learn why you choose programming as a career? Was it passion, curiosity or something else? Let us know in the comments.
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