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De Gaulle, Fleurance et Associés (DGFLA) is a prestigious law firm whose head office is located in Paris. The firm has been growing rapidly since its creation in 2011 and now has 180 employees.

The firm is ranked in the Top 50 French business law firms and has received numerous gold and silver trophies at the Law and Finance Trophies and the Law and Litigation Trophies since 2005.

DGFLA wanted to modernise the employee experience to attract, engage and retain its emerging young workforce.

The choice of eXo over other vendors was based on its rich set of features, versatility and interoperability.

‘In addition to the quality of the service provided to the customer, digital tools and the collaborative approach are a vector of differentiation to attract young talent. Our clients’ young employees, like ours, cannot envisage any other way of doing things.’ Louis de Gaulle, chairman and co-founder

DGFLA’s vision for the platform was centred on three tools: a collaborative intranet, a collaborative extranet and a website. The three-dimensional platform aims to improve communication, collaboration and efficiency.

‘Companies, which have in-house legal skills, express a strong need for operational collaboration between their own legal experts and their law firm, hence the need to work in project mode, in an agile and participatory manner.’ Louis de Gaulle, chairman and co-founder



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