Customer Spotlight – Val d’Oise County Council

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Customer Spotlight - Val d’Oise County Council

The Val d’Oise County Council (CG95) is located near Paris and serves over one million citizens. It is responsible for departmental and local resources management for infrastructures, school transport, housing, health, education and other social services.
Nearly 4000 agents are employed by the County Council, working in many departments and spread across multiple sites.

The challenge was to bring the agents together through a common workspace and optimize teamwork. CG95 needed a tool able to

  • standardize access to the numerous business applications,
  • show/present the institutional information relevant to each agent, and
  • provide a collaborative platform.

The eXo Platform was chosen through public tender drafted by the Chief Information Officer.

For seven years now, eXo Platform has fully satisfied us. Work done with eXo is quality work— Mariana Militaru, Intranet Project Leader

Our platform employs high-quality, highly flexible open-source software that perfectly fit into the County Council technical and organizational environment. And that was definitely a good point.

The agents’ virtual office is a portal consisting of over 30 business websites, customized according to everyone’s position in the organizational chart.

The implementation of Sign On when opening sessions and the connection with the Active Directory, combined with the flexibility of the portal and content management, were critical success factors for the implementation phase.

The Internal Social Network then brought in the collaborative and social aspect of eXo by implementing eXo’s Intranet with a few customizations to facilitate updates.

eXo connects 4000 agents spread over 20 departments every day. It shows our files, our conversations and our business tools to allow us to work better together.— Mariana Militaru, Intranet Project Leader

The eXo Platform bet really paid off. It improved collaboration and teamwork. Indeed, more than 90 collaborative spaces have spontaneously emerged!

Every morning, 4000 agents log into their virtual workspace, and more than half of them use it throughout the day.

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