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Four years ago, eXo’s product management decided to make a major change to our independent enterprise modules formerly known as WCM, DMS, Portal, KS and CS: bundle them together and create a unique collaborative platform. Thus, eXo Platform All-in-One was born.

This package primarily aimed to provide our customers with a full set of integrated collaborative features and our partner ecosystem with a standalone package, that was ready to deploy, ready to use.

Aside from the obvious functional added value, All-in-One marked the birth of our well known maintenance program.

Today, All-in-One has fostered three and a half years of success stories all around the world. However, it has reached the end of its life. All-in-One generation[1] will reach its end-of-service-life support and maintenance milestone on September 1, 2013.

What does this mean?

It’s time to upgrade! If you are reading this and are currently running an All-in-One deployment, you’re facing two major problems:

1 – Your portal or your collaborative intranet lacks dozens of new features based on GateIn, the result of our partnership with RedHat and introduced in eXo Platform 3.0, 3.5, and now 4.0: the first Open Source Enterprise Social Platform.

2 – eXo Global Support Services will not handle any incident or requests you may raise for All-in-One past this date. They hate to do this! But they will have to.

I’m running All-in-One, what should I do?

Contact your eXo sales account manager. They will analyze your current situation and propose that you look at newer versions of eXo Platform. They can set up a demo with an eXo expert, and your business users or decision-makers.

Along with moving to eXo Platform 4, our GPS experts can help you to migrate your data. Contact us to benefit from an evaluation of your migration plan.

Newer versions of eXo Platform come with a full set of tooling and migration procedures to assist you in this critical IT upgrade.

What’s next?

Familiar with our maintenance program? Used to upgrading our products? We are redesigning it. In an upcoming blog post, I will unveil the tweaks we’re about to announce:

Along with the eXo Platform 4.0 release, we’ll densify our support and maintenance commitments: more engagement, more versions, more visibility. We’re building a comprehensive roadmap, and you’ll soon notice the wide range of benefits.

Download eXo Platform 4 and we’ll happily give you a live demo of what you can do with our new platform.



[1]eXo Plaform All In One generation includes the following software package versions :

  • AllInOne 1.6.x
  • WCM 1.2.x
  • eXo Portal 2.5.x


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