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As promised in an earlier post, I’m happy to report our progress with eXo Platform 4.1.

We’ve just released the first milestone of the upcoming version of eXo Platform 4, whose main goal is to continue delivering on the UX excellence promise laid out by eXo Platform 4.0.

The new baby is called eXo Platform 4.1-M1. It is focused on setting the groundwork for the flagship feature of version 4.1: email notifications. But let’s review the key changes in this release.

Bug Fixes and Upgrades

As any version, this milestone contains a bunch of corrections. This version is aligned with the bug fixes of Platform 4.0.5, which was released a few weeks ago.

We’ve also upgraded the wiki component to run on top of XWiki 5, improving wiki rendering. We’ve upgraded the WYSIWYG in the forum, answers and WCM to CKEditor 4. It looks better and feels snappier than ever, greatly enhancing the editing experience.

Calendar UX

We gave some love to the Calendar app by enhancing the date range input and refining the management of recurring events.

Email Notifications

Last, but not least, we’re happy to finally unveil a feature we first introduced last October: email notifications. You can now receive an email when you are invited to connect or join a space, when you are mentioned or commented, etc.

Administrators can control which notifications are activated and users have settings to decide if they want to receive emails right away or as periodic summaries.

How to Install?

We need your help. Try it and send us your feedback.

To install eXo Platform 4.1-M1, download the Tomcat bundle on SourceForge and install it as usual.

Don’t be misled by the “milestone” label of this release. It should be fairly stable as it has already received a great amount of QA. In fact, we’re currently testing it further to seek green lights for a production deployment on our community website. More on this very soon.

Development is continuing and a second milestone is already planned for June. This will be focused on enabling the much requested video calls add-on. Keep watching the status page to be the first to know how things are moving.

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