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PLF-42-Milestone 2

As a continuation of the first milestone released in February, we are happy to announce that the second milestone of eXo Platform 4.2 is being released. In addition to the usual bug fixes, eXo Platform 4.2-M2 includes the following changes.

Answers add-on

The answers and FAQ apps have been moved to a separate add-on. For more information on why we made this change, please see this article.

From now on, the answers and FAQ apps will no longer be available out of the box.

To bring them back, just run : addon install exo-answers –-unstable

Pages that use the answers and FAQ apps will work as they used to after you install the add-on.

SSO add-ons

Single Sign-on (SSO) integrations are now packaged as add-ons. This should drastically enhance the installation process.

  • CAS: addon install exo-cas –unstable
  • JOSSO: addon install exo-josso –unstable
  • OpenAM: addon install exo-openam –unstable
  • SPNEGO: addon install exo-spnego –unstable
  • SAML2: addon install exo-saml –unstable

Although the add-ons are ready for you to try, we are still working on the documentation. Keep an eye on the blog to find out when it is ready.

Juzu 1.0

Juzu, the productivity web framework invented by eXo and shipped within the eXo Platform, has been upgraded from 0.6 to 1.0. The new version includes the following features:

  • asset minification
  • bean validation
  • request parameter types
  • JSON responding
  • Jackson plugin
  • Application error handler

If you want to use Juzu in your own apps, please see its reference documentation. To learn how to develop portlets specifically for the eXo Platform, please see this eXoers on the grill presentation.

CKEditor 4.4

We use the CKEditor html editor in many places throughout the eXo Platform. We have upgraded this component from 4.1 to 4.4. This upgrade will improve support for IE11 and provide a snappier experience. For more details, check out the CKEditor’s What’s new page.

How can I get the upgrade?

To get this release, download the Tomcat bundle on SourceForge.

Subscribed customers who want to plan ahead for their upgrade can access the JBoss and Tomcat packages of the enterprise edition by contacting the support team.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to report any issues you find.

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