New blockchain concept eXo Rewards for the digital workplace plans to help worker engagement

eXo Platform has unveiled eXo Rewards, a scheme aimed at solving day-to-day cases of employee detachment and improving employee wellness.
This new solution includes a system of Kudos through which an employee can congratulate, appreciate and even thank another colleague publicly. Kudos are special tokens that can make any collaborator feel appreciated and recognised. However, they cannot be placed on a forex trading app yet, but it is not necessary.
eXo Rewards
On top of that, the whole system is gamified with a clever engine that analyses day-to-day tasks and increments employees’ points depending on the company’s policy.
It is clear that eXo Rewards will augment eXo Platform’s digital workplace solution and boost the employee engagement rate.
Bitcoin Exchange Guide goes into more detail about the eXo Rewards solution and its benefits in a recent blog post.
Source: Bitcoin Exchange Guide
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