How to organize and run effective meetings with eXo Platform

In previous blog posts and our website, we discussed the different functionalities of eXo Platform and how it can help your business improve communication and collaboration.
Meetings are an important component of everyday office life. As a result, organizations are always on the hunt for solutions capable of organizing meetings and improving real time collaboration.
How to organize and run effective meetings - eXo Platform


In this blog post, we will discover the different ways eXo Platform can help your business achieve just that.

1. The chat application

One of the essential pillars of a modern digital workplace solution is instant messaging. eXo’s built-in chat application allows teams to communicate and plan for their meetings.
The functionalities within the chat application include:
  • The possibility to start a meeting: Teams can start meetings on the chat application with the click of a button. After the start of the meeting, meeting notes will automatically be saved as wiki pages or sent directly to the user’s e-mail address.
  • Add events: Within the chat application. Users can add and schedule future events.
  • Assign tasks: Users are provided with the possibility to assign tasks.
  • Share links and upload files: Files and links can be shared in the chat application.
  • Raise hand and ask questions: These two functionalities allow users to share their opinion and enquire about some topics.

2. Calendar

The built-in calendar functionality enables teams to schedule their meetings with ease. The calendar is directly integrated within the chat application and events can be directly scheduled from there. Our latest version eXo Platform 5.2 brought ease of use and a new design to the calendar functionality.
The platform contains a calendar in the homepage in which the activities and events of all the teams are available. Users have the choice to only display the activities that matter to them.
The calendar functionality is also available for individual spaces. Teams can plan for their meetings using the space calendar by clicking on “create event”. A drawer panel will be displayed on the user’s screen. There, the user can specify the name of the event (weekly meeting for example), add the time, the location, a list of participants, attachments along with a brief description of the event. Once saved, the event will be displayed on the space calendar and users will be notified on site or via e-mail (if they opt to be reminded).

3. Meeting notes

As mentioned earlier, meeting notes can be generated directly from the chat application as a wiki page. They contain all the talking points from a meeting including events, assigned tasks etc…
If you need to share confidential documents during a meeting, using a virtual data room for due diligence can be a secure way to give participants access to the necessary information
Users are able to access these notes to make some changes to the original version.
With its rich set of features, wiki pages allow users to attach links, insert images, tables and graphs. This leads to a better collaborative experience as users can visualize, share and modify pieces of content available on the notes.
Meeting notes can also be used as a handbook containing meeting guidelines and the roles assigned to each team member. This is particularly helpful for new employees as it allows them to gain an understanding of their responsibilities within their new teams. These notes can always be revisited to make adjustments.
Allowing teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively is our main priority here at eXo. With our different versions, we have been working on helping teams better prepare and organize their meetings. We are continuously innovating and planning for new upgrades to meet the growing demands of our clients. Follow our blog to stay up to date with new developments.
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