Employee engagement: what drives your employees and ways to engage them (Infographic)

Employee engagement continues to be a top concern for HR leaders and executives around the world. This phenomenon is deeply embedded in the collective consciousness of most organisations.
employee engagement infographic


Studies and surveys on how to better engage employees are still being conducted and researchers and academics are interested in improving employee engagement.
Despite these efforts and huge investment in this area, the reality is that most employees remain disengaged globally.
Gallup reported in January 2016 that only 32 per cent of US employees were engaged, with the worldwide figure being a dismal 13 per cent.
The Complete
Guide to
Employee Engagement
There are many definitions for the concept of employee engagement out there.
That leads us to think that engaging workers can’t be easy. At first, and particularly during the interview, everyone seems so engaged that the recruiter thinks they have found the one. But then the excitement fades and even the most hard-working and engaged employees disconnect.
Keeping an employee engaged demands a lot of consistent effort. HR leaders need to put that at the top of their priorities and start thinking about how to create a work environment that meets their employees’ needs.
There are several key ways to make employees feel respected and valued and to keep them engaged. We have put together a mini guide to employee engagement based on our experience, our employees’ feedback and trusted surveys.
Our guide shows companies what they should keep in mind when trying to improve employee engagement and includes some tips and tricks on how to do this.


Saba: 2017 State of Employee Engagement Report - Eliminating the Blind Spots in Your Business http://bit.ly/2vd94Gr
Decision Wise: 2016 State of Employee Engagement http://bit.ly/2u4AOPk
Office Vibe: The Global & Real-Time State of Employee Engagement http://bit.ly/2eQEWew
Recruit Loop: How To Improve Employee Engagement in the Workplace http://bit.ly/2taD6JS
Employee Connect: The 7 pillars of Employee Engagement http://bit.ly/2u4Fu7D

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When, and if, employee engagement is taken seriously, then individual performance will have a positive effect on the performance of the business overall. This is how everyone in the organisation can move forward.
By focusing on learning and development, and connecting talent programmes and creating feedback channels, organisations can get a more accurate, real-time measure of employee engagement and performance. They can then use this to close the engagement gap.
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It’s the willingness of an employee to help his company progress. It is a positive behavior, which manifests itself by a strong involvement in his work and by a great motivation. This allows the company to evolve both in terms of its activity and on a human level.


See the full definition of employee engagement

  1. Ensure a strong corporate culture
  2. Ensure good relationship with management
  3. Foster good relationships between the colleagues
  4. Think about employee recognition
  5. Express meaning for work in your organization
  6. Make well-being and work/life balance your priority
  7. Allow more flexibility and autonomy
  8. Invest in skills development and training

Find out how to improve employee engagement in the workplace

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28 July 2017 0 h 53 min

Good Job!

Bill Fotsch
Bill Fotsch
28 July 2017 8 h 46 min

I applaud improving engagement, along with improving results, which seem to be assumed in the information above. Empowering employees to think and act like owners, driving and participating in the profitable growth of the company, is a proven way to drive results and engagement. Industry leaders like Southwest Airlines, Capital One and BHP Billiton and hundreds of private companies treat their employees like trusted business partners, enabling them to make more money for their company and themselves. They consistently see both profits and engagement soar.

Jon P
Jon P
8 August 2017 23 h 01 min

This is a perfect article about how to engage employee and enhance their work in company.Tips given above are very helpful for the growth and development of employee.