The main points to consider regarding digital workplace evolution (Infographic)

Gone are the days when workplaces were just physical spaces that employees occupied from 9 to 5.


With today’s new technologies, we’re witnessing adaptations due to the evolution of digital workplaces and their requirements.


Since everyone is connected from everywhere, employees don’t bother meeting in the same places to work and collaborate. Instantaneity has blurred the lines between how things used to get done and how they are currently done.

The evolution of digital workplace technology

With that in mind, every aspect of the workplace has been affected. The boundaries between employees and hierarchy are disappearing, knowledge is being openly shared and employees’ experiences are transforming into one of the main pillars of the business unit.


These new ways of getting work done are leading us to break with traditional, rigid structures and instead concentrate on innovation, efficiency and growth.


To embrace this digital revolution is to succeed with technology adoption. The problem is that some IT departments are still addressing the issue from a purely technological angle and with a tech-only mindset, from implementing digital strategies to measuring their effectiveness.


However, doing so will not only make your strategy rollout more difficult but also keep you from measuring the most important KPIs (i.e. the ones that actually matter), such as internal collaboration, employee engagement and added value.


In this infographic, we won’t talk about how to measure the success of your digital workplace or the KPIs you should pay attention to when rolling out your social intranet project.


We’ll talk more about how to maximize your chances of successfully implementing a new working environment and why you should do so.


The information you’ll find below is compiled from our expertise, our personal experience, surveys and feedback we collected from our clients.


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Marwen Mema


Types of Digital workplace solutions

The modern workplace has evolved significantly in recent years, with advancements in technology, the growing number of tools …

You will find here Frequently Asked Questions about digital workplace with all the answers in one place.

A digital workplace is a next generation of intranet solutions or intranet 2.0 that is based on three pillars: communication, collaboration and information. In a way this definition is true but it doesn’t cover the whole spectrum of the term. Here are some definitions of digital workplace:

  • An evolution of the intranet
  • A user centric digital experience

See the full definition of digital workplace

  1. Understand users’ needs
  2. Identify your digital workplace ambassadors
  3. Build the digital workplace brand
  4. Training and onboarding
  5. Plan the big day

Find out how to create a digital workplace

The digital workplace is the virtual, digital equivalent of the physical workplace. It is a holistic user-centered solution used to connect, engage, and empower employees. Through an employee-centered hub, it encompasses a set of tools, applications, and platforms for a complete work experience.


Find out some definitions of the digital workplace

  • Analytical skills and approach
  • Focus on employees
  • Communication and strategic vision

The success of a digital workplace project depends on a number of factors

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Améliorer l’environnement et les conditions de travail m’a toujours passioné, je peux maintenant accompagner nos clients dans cette démarche.
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José Luis Rodríguez González
José Luis Rodríguez González
18 May 2017 10 h 26 min

Great article! Was it Poor Capture of User and Over – Ambitious Rollout Requirements meant to have same same root cause?