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C-Log is the logistics subsidiary of the Beaumanoir Group, one of Europe’s leading textile distribution groups. The group owns brands such as Morgan, Cache-Cache, Bréal and Bonobo and has an international presence, with more than 3,000 points of sale in 40 countries.


To renovate an aging logistics portal

C-Log manages global textile product movement from producers in China and Bangladesh to Beaumanoir Group's warehouses and retail outlets. They developed a modern logistics extranet, the Extra-Log Project, to replace their outdated system. This interactive SaaS platform reflects C-Log's expertise and aims to be both powerful and user-friendly for attracting new customers.

Why eXo?

We provided C-Log with a solid foundation for innovation.

JNesis, the company responsible for C-Log's technical development and integration, sought an open-source solution built on Java technologies. Their preferred choice for C-Log was a combination of adaptable multi-directory authentication management and strong permissions control. The compatibility of the portlet container with the Ext-js interface framework provided JNesis with significant flexibility as they crafted various business features for C-Log's platform.
The product has been very well received by our customers. The social networking aspect and its user-friendliness are greatly appreciated.
Laurent Witt - Associate Director, JNesis
The integration of content management enabled C-Log to seamlessly combine content publishing with application modules within a single interface. Incorporating social features like activity streams also motivated C-Log to enhance their extranet solution with new interaction dimensions.

The eXo Platform's flexibility and adaptability played a key role in making all of this achievable, offering extensive integration and extension options that convinced C-Log of its suitability for their extranet enhancement.

The impact

C-Log now enjoys a technological advance in a rapidly changing market.

Thanks to the eXo Platform's powerful application base and the support provided by the eXo experts, the JNesis team delivered the initial version of C-Log’s portal in eighteen months.
The eXo technical teams supported us throughout the project, always providing precise, efficient answers.
Laurent Witt - Associate Director, JNesis
The C-Log portal has attracted hundreds of daily users, including various brands that have adopted it to enhance their supply chain management. This success highlights C-Log's significant technological advantage in a rapidly changing market.

Moving forward, C-Log plans to further improve its logistics portal by potentially integrating social features from the eXo Platform to encourage community engagement. Within a year of its launch, the portal had amassed over 16,000 user sessions and 300 active users. Remarkably, over 80% of service requests are now processed through the portal instead of traditional methods like email and phone, showcasing its effectiveness and efficiency.
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