A platform for employees’ and former employees’ pensions
HSBC Holdings plc is a global bank and financial services company headquartered in London, UK. It’s one of the largest groups of banking and finance services in the world. With a network of more than 6,600 institutions, HSBC serves around 58 million clients across four business lines: private banking and asset management, business banking, investing, and markets.


HSBC France needed a platform where users could access and manage information about their retirement plans. In particular, the bank wanted to be able to provide a number of investment vehicles with varied risk profiles. Users needed to access information on their retirement savings portfolios in real time, and to allocate investments by choosing from among the investment vehicles offered.

Why eXo?

An open-source platform for seamless integration with vertical pension management tools in a single, secure solution

eXo offers a complete set of unified collaboration features in a single platform, and can easily be extended to integrate with proprietary dedicated applications. The platform therefore provided the perfect foundation for a specialised vertical collaboration solution for retirement management.

With eXo, S2E (the supplier of retirement management tools and software for HSBC) was able to build its desired collaboration offering and extend it to HSBC and a number of other major banking and insurance customers.

The impact

More than 50,000 users manage their pension plans in a secure and user-friendly environment.

eXo has been successfully deployed to all HSBC France employees and ex-employees. Today, the platform serves more than 50,000 users, providing them with a secure and user-friendly way to access and manage real-time information on their portfolios. The service is experiencing a surge in popularity, with the number of users growing by 25% per year.

Similar solutions have been implemented by other banking companies, such as BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Axa, and CIO.
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