Foster public and private sector collaboration through a complete and easy-to-use professional collaboration and social networking solution
The Oman Business Forum (OBF) is a professional platform and forum for enhanced and facilitated dialogue and joint action between the Sharaka Public-Private Task Force and graduates of the Diwan of Royal Court’s National Leadership Programs; a nucleus for current and future decision-makers.

It is an initiative launched by Sharaka - the Public-Private Partnership Taskforce, in February 2018. Its core mission is to foster public and private sector collaboration to unlock growth opportunities in Oman.


Launched in April 2013, Sharaka aimed to enable the private sector to play a role as an active partner in the social and economic development of the Sultanate. Enabling the public and private sectors to collaborate on various initiatives was the goal behind the creation of OBF.

The main challenge facing the organization was to find a holistic collaborative solution to enhance communication and facilitate the dialogue and joint action between different members from the public and private sectors.

A solution was also needed to act as a community of unique high-level members of the public and private sectors as well as a highly select group of Fellows in the Sultanat of Oman. It needed to act as a knowledge base in which collaborators can create, find and share different types of information.

Why eXo?

A complete enterprise-ready platform that is highly flexible and extensible

OBF chose eXo Platform as the foundation of Sharaka’s digital workplace due its set of collaborative features, including forums, chat, user profiles, task management function and unified search.

The eXo Platform digital workplace solution was found ideal for helping the OBF’s users from different places and backgrounds to communicate meaningfully. eXo as a software provider has proven able to get the OBF’s user feedback in real time and to involve the users in events by creating tasks and monitoring projects.

The impact

Modernize cloud offering to help SMBs with their digital transformation

The platform is targeting 500 OBF members. Used daily by a big portion of users, the platform has been progressively improving communication and collaboration between different parties since its official launch. A number of collaborative spaces have also emerged within the platform in which OBF members can discuss and collaborate on different projects.

Currently, OBF are monitoring the usage of the platform and level of engagement to plan for future requirements and new phases of the project.

The deployment and implementation of the platform was made possible thanks to eXo’s local partner olive e-solution. The favorable initial feedback from OBF opened new opportunities for eXo in the region.
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