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The Ministry of Posts, the Digital Economy and Technological Innovations defines and coordinates the implementation of state policy in the areas of posts and the digital economy.

It deals with issues relating to the development and promotion of postal activities. It coordinates, supervises and regulates the activities of the postal sector and ensures its harmonious and optimal development throughout the country.


The evolution of the Ministry in the last couple of years demonstrates its growing importance and the vast scope of its operations. However, the recent growth highlighted the flaws in the Ministry’s internal communication networks that was not capable of handling large amounts of data and a growing personnel.

To cope, the Ministry decided to implement an all-in-one digital workplace solution that can encompass different functionalities and integrate smoothly with its legacy systems.

Why eXo?

An all-in-one digital workplace

The Ministry chose eXo Platform as its new digital workplace solution due to its open standards, flexibility, and seamless integration with third-party applications and legacy systems.

They were also drawn to its combination of social, collaborative, and content management features. Key functionalities include enterprise social networking, collaborative team spaces, document management, content publishing, wikis, calendars, task management, forums, private or team chat, and a unified search function for efficient information retrieval.

The impact

Improved efficiency through a rich set of features

In 2013, the Ministry successfully deployed a digital workplace solution, eXo Platform, which gained widespread adoption across various departments. This implementation greatly facilitated communication, collaboration, and information sharing among employees.

Notably, the platform reduced the reliance on traditional communication tools and paperwork by establishing a centralized knowledge base. Its use of open standards, proven frameworks, and open APIs allowed seamless integration with existing Ministry tools.

Acting as a comprehensive solution, eXo Platform enabled quick and convenient access to critical information from a single location, significantly reducing the time spent by staff searching for information and switching between various applications.
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