10 years at eXo: when work feels like family

It starts as myriad awkward encounters and job related-questions and evolves to become inside jokes, shared interests and some gossip. That’s when you know that work has started to feel like family.
Some people spend no more than a few months with the same company, while others build strong relationships with their coworkers and choose to develop their careers at the same company as they share the same values and purpose.


The median length of time employees spend with an employer is 4.2 years but here at eXo you double that amount and add some months to it.
As a lot of eXoers are celebrating their 10-year work anniversary this year, we thought it would be a good opportunity to get  to know how they see these past 10 years.

10 years of challenges and excitement

“Challenges are like oxygen. It might sound weird, but that’s true; and as we require oxygen to live, we also require challenges to live. The real problem is when there are no challenges.”
Ali Hamdi
Developers Manager
Some chose to stay at eXo because they thrive on challenges and continuous learning and are committed to having an impact and achieving the highest standards.
Stimulating work has a direct impact on employee engagement and thus company’s success especially when the expectations are reached (and exceeded in some cases).
Others welcome challenges with open arms as they represent an opportunity for growth and for developing a new set of skills.
“I don't remember starting a day without having a mission to accomplish.”
Mohamed Amine Krout
Software Architect

10 years of good vibes

The practice of intentional positivity in the workplace environment plays a huge role in increasing the overall wellness and productivity of employees and in lowering stress levels.
When employees feel a positive vibe at work, they are more likely to remain at the same job but also to collaborate more.
Additionally, when employers spend energy working toward clear ways to increase positive energy in the workplace there can be benefits for everyone.
“During this decade, I worked with great people. I learned a lot and was able to fight with a strong team behind [me]. I do appreciate the eXo family environment in which I am involved. My workplace has plenty of good memories.”
Omar Bouras

10 years of emotions

Everyone who has worked at eXo can agree that teams here replicate a family dynamic and that the company has itself created inseparable bonds with all employees and nurtures these emotional connections.
Employees’ wellbeing, accomplishments and milestones are as important to eXo as they are to eXoers.
Employee satisfaction is important from a business perspective and happy, satisfied people make for more productive and engaged employees.
eXo feels like a family to me and this is where I [have built] my own real family. I got married while working with eXo, had my first kid and then the second. Sharing these [experiences] with the eXo family and seeing my colleagues and bosses truly happy for me, make them even more special and memorable.”
Malek ben Salem
Head of Software Quality Assurance

10 years of discovery

“Sometimes it’s not about the destination, but about the journey itself.” In the business world, discovery is about continuous search, uncovering information, understanding why that information is important, working on different projects and being open enough to challenge our limits.
“What I’ve learnt with eXo [has been how] to be prejudice-free, analyse any given situation from a different perspective and accept criticism and viewpoints different from my own. I travel a lot and work with clients from different countries and backgrounds. Discovering different cultures has helped me enrich my knowledge and evolve as a person.”
Ayoub Zayati

10 years of growth, learning and development

“Seeing the eXoers grow, and especially my colleagues from 10 years ago, evolve over time and develop from within makes me happy and brings me a wealth of benefits.”
Imen El Ghoul
HR & Financial Manager
Employee retention and job satisfaction should be high on every organisation’s list of priorities and creating effective retention strategies is the best way to develop an attractive workplace culture and strong manager-employee relations.
That’s how you keep your best talent happy about working and growing with you.

10 years of innovation and making a difference

Google allows its staff to spend 30% of their time pursuing their own creative interests and this has led to innovative ideas such as Google Maps and Google Adsense.
This only shows that the most successful companies encourage innovation in the workplace and that innovation is what makes businesses stand out in the marketplace
Using cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence enables employees to deploy their technical expertise and to develop it, especially when they’re part of something big and special.
Challenges and innovation are what stimulate employees to contribute and to deliver their best efforts.
“ We live In a world where you can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and still be in business tomorrow. Being part of eXo has allowed me to unleash my innovation and do everything in my power to make the impossible possible.”
Boubaker Khanfir
Software Architect
This decade was full of challenges but also opportunities. It was the decade where eXo Platform grew from an intranet portal to an all-in-one digital workplace solution.
This wouldn’t have been possible without all the eXoers who are working hard to achieve one milestone after another and without the leadership team initiatives to create an environment where people can learn, connect and build together.
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