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Ever since we announced what’s coming in this version of eXo Platform a few months ago, we have been lauding the features that are being progressively delivered.

For eXo Platform 4.3, we have talked about new features relating to the theme for an organization and getting things done. However, today, we would like to give some love to collaborators who want to build websites with eXo.

WCM in eXo Platform has made website publishing accessible to everyone; however, we noticed that one of the biggest pain points was getting started. In eXo Platform 4.3, we have turned this pain point into a strength by providing full and responsive website templates.

Please give a warm welcome to our two new modern templates: Agital and Globex.
They are ready to use, so it is just a matter of the time needed to select a template for your website.


Agital is a corporate website template with different pages and is easily adaptable. It provides useful building blocks such as News and Blog.


Globex is simpler but just as interesting as it provides you a classy minimalist landing page template with new components such as videos or a subscribe form.


Did I mention we have made it very simple for you to reuse all these new components? Well, we have.
When managing your site, all the components are available in the composer and can be easily reused. We also seized the opportunity to provide a responsive container that allows you to build responsive websites.


Want to have a look and try it out?

Start by downloading the atest preview of Platform 4.3 and install the add-on:

./addon install exo-site-templates--unstable --snapshots --no-compat

We have already shared sneak peeks of what eXo Platform 4.3 holds in store for you: Task Management and Share Documents. But stay tuned, there’s so much more coming!

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Make the most out of eXo Platform 4

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