Cartoon of the Week: PSG used cryptocurrency to secure Lionel Messi signing

The news: Lionel Messi signed a two years contract with the Paris Saint-Germain football club. The other News: La pulga will receive part of his contract payment in cryptocurrency
Paris Saint-Germain pulled out all of the stops to secure the signing of Lionel Messi.
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After spending years playing for the FC Barcelona, the football biggest star will receive a part of an estimated $30 million in the fan token of the new club as part of a welcome package.
PSG said that Messi’s “welcome package” includes the cryptocurrency ”$PSG Fan Tokens.
The PSG fan token was launched in January 2020, with crypto platform, and had an initial price of 2 euros. Now its value has significantly risen since its issuance.
Fan tokens are becoming a new source of revenue that some clubs have adopted with big success.
A smart move from the French club in his digitalization and brand strategy.
This therefore makes us think about new methods of gamification and motivation that could be based on player performance and combined to cryptocurrency in order to reward their efforts.
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