How to Celebrate Halloween with your remote teams

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Halloween is without a doubt one of the most anticipated holidays around the workplace. Over the top disguises, candy and a spooky atmosphere are often the recipe for a great party.

But even though Halloween was special these last few years, this didn’t stop many to launch virtual parties and leverage their various technologies to have a great time.

Whether celebrated at the office or remotely, employees expect this year’s Halloween to be a special one. And your digital workplace would certainly play an important role in this. In this blog post, we will look at the many ways the digital workplace can help you prepare for the spooky season along with a couple of content ideas that your employees will love.

Customize your digital workplace

The spooky season is all about the atmosphere. Regardless of whether you are planning to celebrate Halloween (at the office or at home), your digital workplace has to reflect the holiday’s theme in order to build anticipation for the D-day. Modern digital workplace solutions often come equipped with advanced content management designed to help admins and internal communications specialists customize the look and feel of the platform. Whether for the digital workplace homepage or dedicated spaces, modern CMS features allow you to change the whole theme of a page as well as specific UX and UI elements. You can also build custom content blocks containing Halloween themed content such as games, quizzes, contests, etc…).

Generate hype and anticipation

As is the case with any event at the office, the key is to build momentum and hype leading to Halloween night. For this you can leverage the power of content management and news. In the days leading to Halloween night, make sure to create and share engaging and targeted content to reach as many people as possible. The content shouldn’t only be promotional, rather think of sharing some spooky stories or a couple of mystery games or contests. This will most certainly help you create buzz and get your employees excited to participate.

Run polls and surveys

In order to generate interest around the event, you should leverage your digital workplace polls and surveys fonctionnalites’.

For this, you can use brief surveys to check your employees’ eagerness to participate and polls to allow them to vote for the kind of halloween activity they wish to engage in

Hold various contests

You can hold one of the most popular contests which is a ‘costume contest’. You can set a theme and ask your employees to get creative and develop their best costumes. You can then organize a video call and invite the employees to join the event. Announce the different categories for which winners will be selected and ask your employees to vote through likes, comments or any other social feature within your digital workplace

Once all the votes are tallied, announce the winner and hand them some gifts.

Embed halloween themed games

Halloween is all about wizards and witches and as a manager you need to create a list of games that can be virtually organized, easy to understand and fun to play at the same time.

Some of the virtual games you can host are:

  • Murder mystery games
  • The Zombie game
  • Halloween Themed trivia questions
  • Guess who?

The aim is to bridge the communication gap and let everyone bond well especially with the element of fun that will motivate your employees to indulge themselves. Gamification features can help a lot here and will make things engaging and form a part of good team-building activities.

Leverage videoconferencing

Thanks to your digital workplace videoconferencing tool you can host pretty much any fun/scary/entertaining halloween activity.

You can organize ghost storytelling sessions, book a magician to showcase their magic, hold contests or Halloween games as mentioned above or even do some tarot card readings

The aim should be to maximize engagement, improve connection and let everyone enjoy their time together.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for the holiday. Keep in mind that the aim is to always form bonds and build a good relationship with your employees.

Happy Halloween everyone! Don’t forget to say boo to your boss 😉

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