Cartoon of the Week: Cisco, Apple, Aon and Allianz collaborate on cybersecurity

Ransomware and malware-related threats are the most common threats organizations face today. As we begin witnessing an increasing over-reliance on technology, bad actors are looking for more opportunities to exploit this vulnerability.
Tech groups Apple and Cisco are teaming up with Aon and Allianz on a new cyber risk management solution designed to better help organisations protect themselves from cyberattacks.
‘The key here is a holistic approach to cyber,’ Jason Hogg, chief executive officer of Aon Cyber Solutions, said in an interview.

Cybersecurity risk concerns are growing, and losses from cyberattacks are reducing investments in IT security. Companies still don’t realise how important it is to adopt cyber insurance, so they don’t manage cyber risk effectively, as highlighted in’s Automotive Cybersecurity study.

Will this new alliance tighten up cybersecurity and make it harder for hackers to focus on global organisations’ technology systems?
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