Customer Spotlight: Vivalto Santé

Founded in 2009, Vivalto Santé is one of the leading providers of private hospital services in France today. It currently runs a network of 27 private healthcare facilities in the French regions of Brittany, Normandy, Loire Valley, Ile de France and Rhône Alpes.
Vivalto Santé
The main challenge for Vivalto was replacing its aging intranet portal with a new solution capable of improving internal, cross-departmental and cross-regional communication and collaboration and better engage its members.
Our challenge was to make sure each establishment feels as part of the Vivalto group. Above all, we wanted to facilitate collaboration between and within them to foster the sharing of experience and information across the group. For example, a hygienist who works alone at a clinic would be able to interview his colleagues at the 25 facilities and benefit from their experience
Olivier Boixière
CIO at Vivalto Santé
eXo was chosen over other vendors due to its experience in helping organizations like Vivalto update their intranet experience as well as its product’s capability scope. Its built-in enterprise social network (with spaces, networks, activity streams, chat, notifications, etc.), corporate content management capabilities and task management functionality were among the features that particularly addressed Vivalto’s needs. These capabilities coupled with the availability of the platform on mobile devices made eXo Platform an attractive proposition to Vivalto.
The platform was implemented following the agile method. This approach allows close collaboration between eXo and project leaders at Vivalto to meet their expectations. It also makes it possible to minimize risk and to measure the adoption and actual use by the different populations.
The platform was live and accessible to 300 targeted users at Vivalto Santé before being introduced to 6,000 employees at 25 sites starting from January 2019.
We will see how quickly we will actually have to add more adjustments
Olivier Boixière
CIO at Vivalto Santé
Internal communication whether top-down, cross-departmental or peer-to-peer has been improved thanks to the social features of the solution.
As of today, a number of collaborative spaces emerged within the site. Vivalto plan to assess the level of engagement and usage of the platform to make adjustments and prepare for future deployments.
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