How Machine Vision and AI Might Impact Your Workplace

In the future, video technology and facial recognition will change the way meetings are conducted, reshaping the experience for both attendees and the company.
This new technology will be able to read the room and evaluate people’s reaction to what is said.  Even though this technology isn’t ready to enter our offices, the premises of such technology are entering in play.
Machine Vision, AI


In this blog post we will try to push forward what we already talked about, to see to which extent these new breakouts might impact our ways of collaborating.

1. Smarter virtual assistant during meetings

Imagine this, you walk into your meeting/conference room with several of your co-workers for a meeting. After getting installed, you just say “let’s start the meeting”, triggering the AI-based system providing the support necessary to conduct the meeting through voice command.
This little example is to show how these new features could ease your life, especially that with Amazon’s Alexa and Google can do similar things in your home. Moreover, Alexa is a bit in advance and already entering conference rooms through Alexa for Business.
However we will add some complexity to our example, let’s say now that our AI-system also knows who is conducting the meeting, the participants, the organizer and even if they are happy or not during it. Data rooms for due diligence is a secure cloud space for exchanging business data during M&A.
How? The room is also equipped with cameras and facial recognition. Now if you think of AI in the sense of Alexa and Google (where it’s all around the voice), you cannot expect it to know how many attendees there is for instance. In order to add that feature you actually need to tie up facial recognition to a video system.
From there, possibilities are endless: an AI-based meeting room will be able to pull up information, take notes, create events or tasks and assign them to the attendees.
We can already get a taste of this potential in the market, with the launch of Cisco Spark Assistant.
For the moment, Spark Assistant can only do basic things such as: starting a meeting or calling someone in the organization. It is based on a conversational AI-system, and will be in the future able to retrieve a relevant document, help a speaker to share his/her screen, record meetings or take notes.
According to Jason Goecke, vice president and general manager of the Cognitive Collaboration and Cisco Spark Platform, wrote in the blog introducing the product that “It will also learn about your organization’s unique business by processing internal data sources and gleaning insights from activities that live outside of Cisco Spark.”

2. Say hello to Machine Vision

This new functionality is called Machine Vision. Similar to voice recognition, machine vision actually uses video and digital signal processing to collect data to be analyzed by a computer system.
Experts believe that machine vision will be an important trend of 2018, and beyond. According to Bobby Beckmann, CTO of Lifesize, believes that this technology “will gather data to give insights on how a meeting is going” (which can be paralleled to sentiment analysis with customer service calls).
Basically the cameras in the room will use machine vision to see if attendees are engaged or not, happy or annoyed and allow you take preventive measures in next meetings. One can imagine that sentiment analysis will also be layered on at some point, thus providing insights on how to make meetings more effective and efficient.
The combination of AI and Machine Vision can offer new experiences on how to conduct meetings, this will surely not only ease them up, but also will allow managers and collaborators to find new ways to experience them.
Not only matters at hand will be tackled with less inconvenience, but the insights that the organizations get can greatly improve their internal meetings.
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marjorie jackson
marjorie jackson
27 March 2018 23 h 59 min

Totally agree with this post. AI is really helping in IT sectors. to secure cybersecurity. as technology is getting so high and critical even people are inventing this but the criticality coming to manage that technology because people cannot manage that so AI will help them to grow with new nano and microtechnology.
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