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Training and onboarding employees are often cited as key challenges facing organisations today. As a result, having a digital workplace capable of tackling these challenges is key to retain and engage employees and improve overall productivity.

In this blog post, we will discover how eXo Platform, with its large array of features, can help your business onboard, engage and retain talent.

Profiles, activity streams and collaborative spaces:

Employee onboarding and training are made easy thanks to eXo Platform’s social features. With eXo Platform, each user has a profile that contains useful information such as their job title, work experience, skills and more. Having these profiles within a people directory makes newcomers aware of who is doing what within their department and organisation.

New employees can learn more about their new jobs thanks to dedicated collaborative spaces. These spaces can be created by departments and teams to facilitate work (a marketing or HR space) or to connect individuals with shared interests (a music or football space). Both types of spaces allow employees to integrate more easily, perform their jobs effectively and get to know their peers.

eXo Platform also allows personnel to interact on various types of content in activity streams (files, articles, discussions, videos, images and so on) via likes, comments and shares. This way they can communicate easily with their colleagues, which further facilitates their onboarding.


Wikis are widely used within organisations to convey policies, manage teams and train and onboard employees.

eXo Platform’s built-in wiki functionality allows newcomers to learn more about the company culture and policies via an employee handbook, to understand their roles within their teams with team guidelines and to access training material.

Rich knowledge base

eXo Platform’s integrated Knowledge Management System allows users to create, find and share valuable information within and between departments. It is particularly useful for newcomers as it helps them to easily find different types of information.

Within eXo Platform, each collaborative space has its own document library. There, members of a specific group can access, edit and share documents with ease.


eXo Platform’s built-in chat application represents an effective tool to quickly reach and communicate with the right individuals. Newcomers can initiate and participate in real-time discussions and video calls with their peers.


The unified search engine allows users to look for different types of content (people, files, articles, discussions, videos, images and so on) by typing keywords directly into the search box. Results will be directly displayed and updated as the user edits the search query.

For more advanced search results, users can click on ‘see all search results’, which will take them to the results page. There, users can filter the results by type of content and/or site.

This functionality is particularly useful for new employees looking to familiarise themselves with their roles and access information in a quick and timely manner.

Onboarding employees is a tricky task for organisations. With the right strategy and tools in place, employers can guarantee high levels of engagement and retain their most valuable assets. Engaging and empowering employees is at the heart of our activities here at eXo. With our different releases, we have been working on facilitating the onboarding and training processes to allow employees to integrate easily and perform their jobs more effectively. We are continuously innovating and planning for new upgrades to optimise our offerings and satisfy the demands of our clients. Follow our blog to stay up to date with new developments.


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