Cartoon of the Week: Working remotely with kids during the Coronavirus outbreak

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, millions of schools around the globe have been closed while parents have been asked to work from home, which can leave them in some chaotic situations.
By chaotic, I mean trying desperately to balance the demands of work life and home life while  being incapable of quieting their children and not to mention the Coronavirus that is remaining a concern. But let’s be honest; you can’t lock a kid down and ask him/her to patiently wait for you to finish your work.
Working from home with kids is a lot to juggle, and social distancing will make it even harder to redirect kids’ short attention span long enough to reply to a colleague or finalise a task.
Now is the time to learn some extra skills such as rewarding your child’s good behaviour, planning activities for your children that don’t need supervision, setting boundaries, practising some yoga exercises to relax more, learning how to better plan and schedule your work, etc.
I’m interested to know how you are coping with all of that. Don’t hesitate to share your experience.
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