Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs at eXo

If you have been following our blog lately, you may have encountered several blogs and announcements centered around employee engagement and recognition. This is part of our new vision to provide our clients with a solution capable of empowering employees and improve their work experience.

A number of ambitious projects (like the gamification add-on, the eXo Wallet, Kudos) emerged lately to make this vision a reality.
Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs in the Workplace | eXo


In this blog post, we will discover the use cases of these different add-ons and how they impacted our work experience at eXo.
Let’s start by defining each add-on:

1. Gamification

Gamification represents a system of automatic allocation of points and badges to users as reward for their activity within the platform.
Employees Rewards and Recognition Programs at eXo
This add-on was introduced to engage employees and promote a culture of healthy competition within the workplace. Different actions have different point value and they are grouped in domains that reflect our values such as social relations, knowledge sharing, teamwork and feedback. For example, contributing to the wiki knowledge base will get you 15 points, co-editing a document on the Tribe (rather than privately on your computer) is worth 2, etc…
Co-editing a document on the Tribe
We constantly add new actions to better reflect how people work, we monitor usage and we regularly review the point values to suggest new ways to work and live together and keep this whole thing fun and interesting.
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2. Kudos

The kudos add-on is a built-in system designed to encourage peer to peer recognition and improve engagement. With this add-on, users can praise their peers work by sending kudos to a coworker.
Sending kudos to a coworker

3. eXo Wallet and Rewards

eXo wallet is a built-in digital wallet solution. This secure wallet is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and allows any user of eXo Platform to send and receive payments in any currency or utility token.
Send and receive payments in eXo Wallet
At eXo, every employee has his own wallet and we use it to send and receive our own general purpose virtual currency. Every month Kudos and Gamification points earned are converted into a virtual currency and paid to every employee as a reward for their engagement and peers recognition.
Send and receive funds at eXo Platform
eXo wallet represents the foundation of our rewards program. Both the gamification and kudos add-ons are directly linked to the user’s wallet. Each time a user performs an activity on the platform by posting a piece of content, initiating a task or interacts with his/her peers activities, he/she will earn gamification points that will transform into tokens at the end of each month. The same logic applies to the kudos add-on, every kudos sent by a user is the equivalent of a specific amount of tokens.
Now that you gathered an overall idea about our new add-ons, let’s discover the different ways they have been used within eXo.
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4. The perk store

Shortly after the introduction of our rewards program, our teams started to work on the different use cases we determined right from the start. We have also been encouraged to brainstorm on other use cases and ways to fully adopt the new tools we have at our fingertips.
The perk store is an internal marketplace inside eXo Platform in which users can purchase perks posted by the HR department for example or their peers. You can learn more about the perk store here.

5. Office Cafeteria

The growing popularity of our rewards program paved the way for new use cases integrating eXo wallet with our physical office. Now eXo employees can pay for food and beverages available in the office cafeteria using their wallets. The process is simple. First, a user would have to access the perk store. There, he/she would find the different products available in the cafeteria.

By selecting an item (a coffee for example) he/she would have to specify the amount (one expresso or two donuts). Then, a QR code would be displayed on the user’s screen. The final step is for the user to take his/her mobile phone and scan the QR code through QR Code Creator to get the order.

6. Group activities

Here at eXo, we firmly believe in teamwork and collaboration. After work activities are always scheduled to allow eXoers to get to know each other and newcomers to integrate easily. Football games for example are scheduled weekly. After the introduction of our rewards program, we thought it would be a good idea to share this activity in the perk store. This way eXoers looking to participate in the weekly game would have to purchase their places using their wallets for a symbolic price. This was a great way to drive adoption of the rewards program and to better organize these events.
Other activities are constantly made available for employees from team building events to training classes.
Our rewards program brought significant improvements on our day to day life here at eXo. Its diversity and flexibility coupled with the willingness of eXoers to embrace it and build on it keep us optimistic for future developments.
Follow our blog to know more about our rewards program and to stay updated on upcoming news.
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