eXo Platform, the leading provider of open-source digital workplace solutions, announces the release of its community edition

eXo Platform is delighted to confirm its position in the open-source initiative and to announce the general availability of its digital workplace community edition, eXo Platform CE 6.3.



With this new version, eXo aims to provide a free independent digital workplace to every organization that needs it.

Distributed through an AGPL license, eXo Platform Community Edition 6.3 is a comprehensive digital workplace platform

Fully mobile, eXo provides a smooth and integrated user experience centred around the use of internal communications, collaboration, knowledge management, productivity and employee recognition. The eXo digital workplace brings extensive business benefits, including: 

  • A strong company culture
  • An easier collaboration
  • Efficient remote work
  • Information and knowledge sharing
  • Increased productivity
  • A higher employee loyalty and engagement rate


 « The goal of eXo’s community edition is to provide an alternative and independent digital workplace to every organization that needs it, »
Veronika Mazour-Mestrallet
Cofounder and CEO of eXo Platform

 « Our open-source, secure and independent digital workplace is a credible alternative to GAFAM and gives organizations more flexibility. »

Veronika Mazour-Mestrallet
Cofounder and CEO of eXo Platform

What’s included in eXo Platform Community Edition 6.3?

The community version is already available to download through a docker image. The feature cover is mostly the same as in the Enterprise Edition, with the following exceptions:


  • Connectors to third-party commercial software (Microsoft, Google, etc.)
  • Free third-party software (OnlyOffice for co-editing documents or Jitsi for videoconferencing).
  • Application security features – antivirus connectors, multifactor authentication and data leak prevention
  • eXo Platform services – our professional-level support, maintenance or on-demand services.

eXo Platform offers

Two other versions of eXo’s digital workplace are available. 


  • Enterprise: This offer, ideal for medium-size companies or administrations transitioning to sovereign cloud, provides a secure, cloud-hosted, ready-to-go digital workplace.
  • Ultimate: This offer, ideal for organizations looking to build their digital workplace in the infrastructure of their choice, provides a platform tailored to their needs – whether that’s on-premise or in the cloud. 
eXo Platform Community Edition 6.3 is available for free download here.   To learn more about the eXo Platform community edition, please visit this detailed article.   For more information about eXo Platform and its services, make sure to visit exoplatform.com

About eXo Platform

With an ecosystem of 100,000+ community members and hundreds of successful deployments worldwide, including the US Department of Defense, NATO and the Frech Army, eXo is the largest open source provider of secure digital workplace solutions for enterprises and governments.


For more information about eXo Platform, visit www.exoplatform.com.


Press Contact for eXo Platform:Veronika Mazour: contact@exoplatform.com

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