Customer Spotlight: Opalia Pharma

Founded in 1998, Opalia Pharma is one of Tunisia’s leading pharmaceutical companies.
In 2013, the Italian group Recordati Group acquired a stake in Opalia Pharma, and it became Opalia Pharma Recordati Group.
Customer Spotlight: Opalia Pharma - Recordati Group| eXo Platform
Opalia employs 400 staff and covers various pharmaceutical specialties, from paediatrics to cardiology, neurology, urology and nephrology.
The absence of a centralised and mobile friendly solution capable of connecting office and on-site employees represented the main challenge for Opalia. Furthermore, the company wanted to streamline company knowledge and make it widely accessible for users.
To tackle these challenges, Opalia favoured eXo Platform as it offers a rich set of social and collaborative features like corporate or team spaces, knowledge management, calendars, project management and instant messaging.
Furthermore, the availability of eXo Platform on mobile devices guaranteed smooth and easy communication between office-based and on-site employees.
The solution is used daily by 100 active users. Access to the platform is mainly by mobile as the solution is designed specifically for medical sales representatives spread across Tunisia.
Since the implementation of eXo Platform, Opalia was able to connect and engage their teams, foster collaboration and facilitate knowledge sharing.
Opalia is continuously monitoring levels of engagement and adoption in order to create new use cases and introduce features (like the gamification add-on, the eXo Wallet, Kudos).

Depuis l’apparition de ces termes il y a une dizaine d’année, les concepts sous-jacents n’ont eu de cesse d’évoluer et on peut trouver autant de définitions que d’avis.

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