Meeds: An open vision to promote employee recognition

How can I engage and retain my most valuable talent? This is a question that every business is trying to answer with varying degrees of success. Is it just about paying employees more? Developing a robust employee experience? Or relying on specialised tools?
The key is to understand the needs of employees and develop tailored programmes accordingly (and money isn’t the answer). Studies have found that employees are increasingly asking for recognition and gamification programmes to be part of their daily work. According to a TalentLMS study, 89% of respondents stated that gamification helps them be more productive and engaged at work with a further 33% stating their desire to have game-like features as part of their training software.


Additionally, new generations of employees (Millennials and Gen Z) consider recognition to be directly tied to their happiness and well-being in the workplace. Eighty-two per cent of respondents in a SurveyMonkey study stated that they are happier when they are constantly recognised, with an additional 63% considering it very unlikely that they will leave their jobs.
But how to ensure employees are recognised?
The most common forms of recognition are either verbal or written. However, recognition has taken a variety of other forms lately. Software solutions designed to engage and recognise employees have become popular as they leverage the power of social interactions, rewards and gamification.
In this blog post, we will present one such solution: We will discover its back story, its various features and how you can try it.

1. in a nutshell

Meeds is an association of software vendors that provides its members with out-of-the-box employee recognition software. Meeds software can help engage, motivate and reward teams through a host of social, collaborative and gamification features. It can be used as a basis for a new software implementation or be embedded into existing software through APIs.

2. The association

The Meeds association started with three software vendors who shared the same mission: promoting better employee recognition throughout the employee’s digital journey. The three vendors are:

eXo Platform

A software vendor, editor of the Digital Workplace software of the same name. eXo Platform embeds recognition tools to gamify and tokenize engagement in the digital workplace.


A software vendor, editor of the Bonita Digital Process Automation Platform.

NewLogic Impact Lab

A Lab that designs and builds open-source software for the humanitarian and development sectors.
Other software vendors will be joining the initiative in the near future.
Employee recognition tools
Integrated within your Digital Workplace

3. Why choose Meeds?

Meeds is open-source software that can be securely installed and integrated with existing systems for free. It is full of APIs to facilitate such integrations. So far, members have performed the first integrations with GitHub and Slack.

Meeds gives you an opportunity to use blockchain technology. It is fueled by a system of tokens distributed to employees as rewards for their work and contributions. The tokens are currently based on Ethereum, but in the future, the association plans to develop and host a private blockchain for Meeds based contracts.

Meeds comes with a large array of features that can help businesses achieve higher engagement rates, keep employees motivated and reduce turnover.

4. A look at the features


Meeds’ built-in gamification system is designed to bring game-like elements to the workplace to increase engagement and encourage employee participation. The system is organised into actions and domains that platform administrators are free to set up based on their specific needs. For example, liking or commenting on a post are actions that can be grouped under the social domain and would accrue points. Commiting work to GitHub or sharing content would be grouped under the knowledge domain with a different set of points.


Meeds enables users to praise their peers’ work by sending kudos that are publicly visible within the activity stream or relevant workgroups. As is the case with gamification, admins have full control over how many kudos can be sent for a certain period of time.


Both gamification and kudos are based on a system of tokens. This internal currency system converts points gained into tokens that employees can exchange or spend on perks.


Meeds users are provided wallets based on blockchain technology, containing the tokens they have earned. The attribution and transfer of tokens is automatic and secure and transparent.

Perk store

The perk store is an internal marketplace where Meeds users can exchange tokens or purchase perks within their company or the Meeds ecosystem.


Spaces represent the cornerstone of Meeds. They can be created to group teams, departments, communities of interests or entire organisations. Each space has its unique set of built-in applications and an activity stream where members can post and share content and interact with each other.


Each Meeds user has a profile in which they can store information. By default, the profile page contains the user’s name, job title, email address, organisation, instant messaging identifiers, previous experiences amongst other elements.
Users are encouraged to complete their profile page as the page is directly linked to the unified search function. This way,  users can get to know their peers and search for people within their organisation by name, skills, experiences etc.

Unified search

Meeds’ unified search function allows users to quickly and accurately find what they are looking for within the platform. It is powered by ElasticSearch, an open-source, readily-scalable, enterprise-grade search engine.

Activity streams

Activity streams represent a summary of the various activities performed by members on the platform. They act as a public or private area where users can share their work, interact with posts via likes, comments and shares, and stay informed about the latest updates from their contacts or spaces.


Meeds can be integrated with third-party apps and platforms through APIs. As mentioned earlier, users who commit their work to Github, share Drive or Office documents or perform a variety of actions on other platforms gain gamification points that are converted into tokens.

5. How can I get Meeds?

As an open-source platform, Meeds is released under the LGPL license, and is distributed for free. The code is available on GitHub.
A Docker Image can be found and downloaded from the packages section on our GitHub page. Docker can then be used to launch an instance of the platform that contains a meeds-io server with its various addons.
In case of an integration with an existing software suite, Meeds can be embedded through APIs.
The Meeds association manages the Meeds tokens by making new issues, managing transactions and controlling the total supply, which amounts to one billion Meeds tokens. Currently, the token is in process of being emitted. To get tokens, interested parties can contact the association via the website:
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