Platform 4.4 Sneak Peek: Desktop Notifications for eXo Chat

This post is part of a series of articles that will introduce some noteworthy improvements to eXo Platform 4.4. Watch this blog for more product news in the upcoming weeks.
Because our mission is to improve personal productivity at work, we are usually reluctant to introduce features that create interruptions. But there is one class of application for which notifications are essential: instant messaging. It’s real time by nature, and when we mark ourselves available, it means we accept the social noise. Hence, by popular demand, we are happy to introduce desktop notifications for eXo Chat.


1. What are Desktop Notifications ?

Let’s start by defining what we mean by desktop notifications. After all, there are already two kinds of notifications in eXo Platform: email and on-site. Why do we need another one? While on-site notifications require you to check your mail client and on-site notifications require you to look at your intranet, desktop notifications show up in a tiny popup (Microsoft calls them toasts) above any other window (usually in the top-right corner). Hence, even when you’re not in front of your email client or your intranet, you can keep an eye on the live conversations going on there.

2. Setting Up Your Notifications Preferences

To enable desktop notifications in the chat application and virtual data room software, just click the new Preferences icon and activate the Notify me by Desktop switch.
You’ll notice a few other options, such as hearing a sound or updating the on-site counter in the top bar. Once you’re done, the next time you receive a message in the chat, your browser will ask you to accept notifications from your intranet. 
You only have to accept this once to start receiving desktop notifications. However, because some rooms may sometimes be too verbose, we provide a way to fine-tune your notification preferences for each room individually. Just open a room, click on the pulldown menu, and click Notifications.
Here you can further adjust the noise level of that particular room. Choose Silence mode if you want to mute the room while still receiving notifications for others or Alert mode to be notified only when certain words are used by participants (e.g., your name).

3. Tell us what you think

As usual, these improvements can be previewed immediately on the Tribe and in the latest milestone of eXo Platform 4.4 Community Edition. Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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